Aristophanes: Knights. Aristophanes; Sommerstein, Alan H. (9780856681783). Paperback.

Aristophanes: Knights. Aristophanes; Sommerstein, Alan H. (9780856681783). Paperback.

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Knights was the first play to be produced by Aristophanes on his own behalf. In it, he launched a violent attack on Cleon, the leading politician of the day, on the whole style of leadership that he represented and on a system which seemed to guarantee that a bad leader could be displaced by a worse. This edition presents the Greek text with facing-page translation, introduction, commentary and notes.

'Especially admirable is the syllabic and metrical approximation of the choral passages.'

Alan H. Sommerstein is Professor of Greek and Director for Ancient Drama and its Reception, University of Nottingham, and editor of the celebrated complete edition of Aristophanes volumes in the Aris & Phillips Classical Texts series. His many other publications include Aeschylean Tragedy (1996), an edition of Aeschylus Eumenides (1989), Greek Drama and Dramatists (2002) and Sophocles: Selected Fragmentary Plays Volumes 1 and 2 (2006, 2011) in this series.

‘For an overall series of the entire corpus, including critical text, commentary, translation, and full introduction, all subsumed to one man’s intelligent analysis and wide-ranging scholarship, Sommerstein stands triumphantly alone. […] Aristophanes is lucky to have so devoted, erudite, and witty a modern celebrant.’

'Sommerstein has exercised throughout the refreshing independence of judgement, backed by learning.’

‘This work is a fine and unpretentious introduction to Aristophanic comedy.’Journal of Hellenic Studies

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