Bram Stoker and the Late Victorian World. Gibson, Matthew; Müller, Sabine Lenore (9781942954644). Hardback.

Bram Stoker and the Late Victorian World. Gibson, Matthew; Müller, Sabine Lenore (9781942954644). Hardback.

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This collection places the fiction of Bram Stoker in relation to this life, career and status as a late Victorian. It centres on various aspects of his interests and career, such as politics, the legal system, his role as Irving's stage manager, and analyses his work in relation to these.

‘Bram Stoker and the Late Victorian World provides an important and fascinating angle from which to view Stoker’s work and his fiction.’
Marion McGarry, Irish Studies Review

‘Gibson and Müller bring a fresh perspective to the well-trod field of Stoker studies by examining the author in the context of the Late Victorian world he was writing… This collection of essays successfully fills in a picture of the man and his fiction, and I recommend it to anyone wanting to expand their understanding of Bram Stoker, his world, and his literary legacy.’
Jeanette Laredo, Supernatural Studies Association

'Much of the pleasure and strength of this collection is in the range of Stoker’s works analyzed... Readers familiar with Stoker will find this volume filled with discussions both familiar and new that will have a positive impact on Stoker studies.'
Robert Finnigan, Victorian Review

'[Bram Stoker and the Late Victorian World] has sustaining pockets of original research that make it a positive contribution to the critical industry now rapidly growing up around Stoker.'
Roger Luckhurst, Victorian Studies

'The collection overall offers a broad-based exploration of the shifting and sometimes complex historical and cultural contexts of the entire corpus of Stoker’s short fiction and novels... a valuable contribution to Gothic studies.'
R. D. Morrison, Choice

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