Exodus. Lucas, Peter J. (9780859893831). Paperback.

Exodus. Lucas, Peter J. (9780859893831). Paperback.

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This volume is one of a series of Old and Middle English texts, including works of interest and importance previously unpublished, long out of print, or otherwise inaccesible to the student. Out of print for some time, this edition of "Exodus" contains many suggestions for solving some of the poem's difficulties. The edition includes a contextual introduction, notes, glossary and bibliography.

No one interested in the Old English poem Exodus can afford to be without this edition.

Notes and Queries.

'Displays a wealth of scholarship.'
Michael Swanton, Times Educational Supplement 25 Nov 1977

'Many first-rate contributions to the study of the poem.'
Robert T. Farrell, Review of English Studies 29 (1978)

‘A fine piece of work.'
J.R. Hall, Year's Work in Old English Studies - 1977 in Old English Newsletter 12 (1978)

'It is not too large a claim to say that ultimately . . . English poetic criticism and appreciation as a whole will benefit from Dr Lucas's careful and scholarly work.'
D.G. Scragg in Critical Quartely 20 (1978)

'In many respects exemplary as an edition of an Old English poem.'
D. Jost in Speculum 54 (1979)


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