Henry James. Supino, David J. (9781846318627). Hardback.

Henry James. Supino, David J. (9781846318627). Hardback.

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In this revised edition of his acclaimed Bibliographical Catalogue of the works of Henry James, David J. Supino has included a full description of each volume in his expanded collection, including transcription of the title page, collations, contents, binding, inserted ads, bookplates, binders’ and booksellers’ tickets, and a full description of dustjackets. Most importantly, he has added the complete printing history of most of James’s works, expanded commentary of the genesis of many of the editions, and an index of all of James’s short stories and tales, tracing their publishing history from first magazine publication through their many reprintings in book form. His book performs a genuine service to the history of the book in the late-Victorian and Edwardian eras, and will be an invaluable resource for scholars, collectors, rare-book dealers, and Henry James fans alike. New to this edition: - The inclusion of detailed printing history of the US and UK editions of nearly all of James's works obtained from publisher's archives. - A significant expansion of the first edition of this Catalogue, covering many more volumes. This revised edition catalogues almost 1000 volumes (as compared to 775 in the first edition), including the addition of some rarities, such as the Ashendene Press edition of Refugees in Chelsea, and copies of the very rare first impression of Daisy Miller: a Study. - The more precise identification of the editions of James's works, because of the information detailed in the printing histories.


'Supino traces in unprecedented detail the lineaments of James’s authorial career and the fortunes (and misfortunes) of the publishing houses on both sides of the Atlantic that produced and sold his writings. This exemplary work is a model of integrative scholarly method, powerfully combining close bibliographical scrutiny of particular textual artifacts with the archival recovery of book-historical information in as much detail as the surviving documents allow. This book is essential reading not only for students of Henry James, but also for all those who would understand the publishing history of his era as well.'
Michael F. Suarez

'This is a remarkable book based on an outstanding collection, formed by David Supino with great bibliographical sophistication. He has understood the importance of all kinds of variants and reprints and of what can be revealed by careful physical descriptions of them. The present revision is particularly noteworthy for its amazingly extensive reports of information from publishers’ archives. The result is the most detailed account of the printing and publishing of James’s books that we have.'
G. Thomas Tanselle

'David Supino’s already magnificent catalogue of his own unique collection of Henry James editions, a true labour of love, now appears in a form so much fuller it amounts to a different book – a highly original, unignorable resource for study of the printing and publishing history of James’s works up to 1921 – not just the first editions – based on painstaking consultation of publishers’ records as well as detailed description of the physical volumes. Bibliographers, publishing historians and Jamesians are in his debt for this heroic achievement.'
Philip Horne

Review of the first edition: David J Supino's catalogue, with its unique scope and form, breaks much new ground for research into the arcane histories of the publication and revision of Henry James's works. It is moreover a significant contribution to our understanding of the book trade in James's time. Supino's attentiveness to details will be deeply appreciated not only by scholars of Henry James but by readers interested in the history of the book trade. In this invaluable resource for bibliophiles, collectors and James scholars, Supino proves his merit as a bibliographer of the first order.

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