Home/Land. Arnold, Marion; Meskimmon, Marsha (9781781382806). Hardback.

Home/Land. Arnold, Marion; Meskimmon, Marsha (9781781382806). Hardback.

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Home/Land: Women, Citizenship, Photographies is an extensive compendium of texts and images, combining scholarly, creative and critical writing on photography with new work in photography. The contributions to the compendium range from academic essays on fine art and documentary photographies to photo-essays, community-based and pedagogical photographic projects, personal testimonies, creative writing, activist interventions and accounts of participatory action research using photography.
Home/Land is global in its reach, exploring women’s lives in Britain and other European nations, the United States, Canada, the Middle East, South Africa, Asia and Australia. Bringing together texts and images produced by an international group of feminist scholars, activists, artists and educators, the book demonstrates how women have used photographic practices to find places for themselves as citizens, denizens, exiles or guests, within or beyond the nation as currently conceived, and, in so doing, how they actively produce new and different forms of identity, community and belonging.


'This book emerged from the Lens of Empowerment project, a highly creative and intellectual initiative consisting of an international research network and conference (2009–12). The project’s engagements of “lens-based power” were inspired by photography’s ubiquity and the artistic potential of passport photos, holiday Polaroids, advertising, and documentary film. The authors of Home/Land: Women, Citizenship, Photographies dispel the negative stereotypes ascribed to the figure of globalization by portraying the experiences of women who have confronted the “settled, contested and lost” conditions of home and nation.'
Jane Chin Davidson, College Art Association

'Home/Land: Women, Citizenship, Photographiesinterrogates the ways in which women both use and interpret photography in order to engage with histories, geographies and processes of representation related to home and land, with a particular focus on the concepts of women and citizenship. While the terms home and land are often linked together, their conjunction in the title signifies an increasingly fractured relationship. It is this disjuncture that the book seeks to explore.'
Roberta McGrath, Visual Studies

'Challenging the ‘objective voice of reason’ associated with academic writing, the editors suggest a need for new feminist approaches to lens-based practices on the part of artists and scholars.'
The Burlington

'This volume will prove valuable to anyone engaged with photographies, feminist art histories, South African visual studies, memory studies or issues in the humanities or social sciences of migration and citizenship.'Irene Bronner, De Arte


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