Jewish Theology and World Religions. Goshen-Gottstein, Alon; Korn, Eugene (9781906764920). Paperback.

Jewish Theology and World Religions. Goshen-Gottstein, Alon; Korn, Eugene (9781906764920). Paperback.

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National Jewish Book Awards Finalist for the Anthologies and Collections Award, 2012.
Two of the most pervasive aspects of modern Jewish life are interaction with people of other faiths and exposure to their beliefs to a degree unknown in the past. Jewish thinking regarding other religions has not succeeded in keeping pace with the contemporary realities that regularly confront most Jews, nor has it adequately assimilated the ways in which other religions have changed their teachings about Jews and Judaism. Many Jews who grapple with Jewish tradition in the contemporary world want to know how Judaism sees today’s non-Jewish other in order to affirm itself. Re-examining Jewish tradition, they seek guidance in understanding their interfaith relationships in the light of a Jewish religious mission. Jewish Theology and World Religions advances this conversation, exploring critical issues that Jews and Jewish thought face when relating to Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. It also analyses the philosophical issues raised by pluralism, non-exclusive approaches to religious truth, and appreciating the religious other.
The contributors to this volume represent a range of disciplines and denominations within Judaism and share the conviction that articulating contemporary Jewish views of other world religions is an urgent objective for Judaism. Their essays show why formulating a Jewish theology of world religions is a priority for Jewish thinkers and educators concerned with reinvigorating Judaism's contribution to the contemporary world, and how it coheres with maintaining Jewish identity and continuity.


'An indispensable title for graduate and undergraduate programmes emphasizing world religions and interfaith/interreligious dialogue . . . Highly recommended.'
R.A. Boisclair, Choice

'These skilfully edited essays are rich food for reflection and future work . . . It is this kind of creative thinking—regardless of past historical experiences and the foundational texts of the Jewish religious tradition . . . that might well prove a substantial breakthrough in both the present and the future for all religious communities in contact with each other . . . Goshen-Gottstein and Korn are to be commended for assembling the scholars initially in a conference and joining them together in this volume. One hopes that this project is only the beginning of several volumes addressing the multitude of questions, observation, and insights raised herein.'
Steven L. Jacobs, H-Judaic

'Superb . . . nothing less than a conspectus of the critical issues that Jews face when relating to Christians and Muslims—and, yes, to Buddhists and Hindus as well . . . Rare is the anthology of essays that holds together thematically, but this book is a happy exception—well organized, with the essays carefully curated. It moves seamlessly from a general discussion of Jewish philosophical perspectives on pluralism to empirical treatments of Judaism and the “Other” to a series of culminating essays on Judaism and Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism . . . breaks new ground in our understanding of other faiths from a Jewish perspective . For this contribution, theologians, halakhists, religious communal leadership, and lay readers should offer prayers of thanksgiving.'
Jerome A. Chanes, Jewish Ideas Daily

'Every so often a book comes along that clarifies something you've been thinking about but which has never presented a clear path to understanding. This is one of those happy occurrences. If you've been wondering how Judaism relates to the other great religions of the world, and how this religious pluralism affects contemporary Jews and their sense of identity, [this book] is the place to look . . . The two editors of this volume hold outstanding credentials . . . the writing is solid and the ideas accessible.'
Linda F. Burghardt, Jewish Book World

'The rich volume under review portrays theological reflections on Jewish identity, Jewish norms concerning other religions, and Jewish relations with non-Jewish “others” . . . also new perspectives are offered and there is a sincere search of possible inspiration from other religions.'
Ephraim Meir, Modern Judaism

'The rudiments of Jewish theology were established in the biblical, Talmudic, and medieval eras, yet, while the world has substantially progressed from those times, Orthodox Jewish theology has not. Goshen-Gottstein and Korn recognized this dilemma, and responded to it by compiling a thorough and much needed work of Orthodox interfaith theology that addresses twenty-first century Jews. The multiple contributors in this volume each acknowledge that interfaith relationships are profoundly different than they were in the medieval era, and have constructed interfaith theologies in accord with this new reality . . . a Jewish theology of Eastern religions had been keenly lacking, and it is presented here in a sensitive fashion.'
Daniel Ross Goodman, Religious Studies Review

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