Moving Histories. Redmond, Jennifer (9781786941671). Hardback.

Moving Histories. Redmond, Jennifer (9781786941671). Hardback.

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Moving Histories is an original and enlightening book which details the lives of women who left Ireland after independence. Drawing on a wide range of archival material, this book traces new narratives to bring original insights into the migration of thousands of Irish women in the twentieth century. Despite having a strong tendency to leave Ireland like men, women’s migration to Britain has been less well studied. Yet Irish women could be found in all walks of life in Britain, from the more familiar fields of nursing and domestic service to teaching, factory work and more. This fascinating study also considers the public commentary made about Irish women from the pulpit, press and politicians, who thought the women to be flighty, in need of guidance and prone to moral failures away from home. The repeated coverage of the ‘emigrant girl’ in government memos and journals gave the impression Irish women were leaving for reasons other than employment. Moving Histories argues that the continued focus on Irish unmarried mothers in Britain was based on genuine concerns and a real problem, but such women were not representative. They were, rather, an indictment of the conservative socio-cultural environment of an Ireland that suppressed open discourse of sexuality and forced women to ‘hide their shame’ in institutions at home and abroad.

'A wealth of new material about an under-researched period of Irish women’s history.'
Professor Bronwen Walter, Anglia Ruskin University

‘The book shows Irish female emigrants to Britain as more empowered than previously depicted; it is well argued with hard facts and statistical evidence. It is important that this book is read outside academia and the feminisation of Irish history cannot alone be the work of feminist historians.’
Sinead McCoole, The Irish Times

‘The only dedicated – and most exhaustive – account of Irish women emigrating to the UK.’
Colin Gannon, The Irish World

'An important contribution to the history of Irish women emigrants.’
Bernadette Hyland, Morning Star


‘[Redmond’s] democratic approach to a variety of sources and her willingness to read with and against the grain reflects her commitment to the centring of women and their experiences. Their centrality is what makes the book so persuasive.’
Senia Pašeta, Irish Historical Studies

'Moving Histories is an important contribution to the history of Irish women emigrants in the UK.'
lipstick socialist

"In a well-researched and stimulating study, Redmond places Irish female migration at the center of the story of Irish emigration to Britain in the first half of the twentieth century and seeks “to demystify the female experience of migration to Britain”. She succeeds admirably in this goal."
Michael Silvestri, Journal of British Studies

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