Nottingham within the medieval walls. Kewley, Jonathan (9781802070187). Paperback.

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For a thousand years, Nottingham has been an important place. First as a walled town in the lee of a great royal castle, then the eighteenth-century ‘city of gardens’, and later the centre of the Victorian lace industry. This book, written as part of Historic England’s contribution to the Heritage Action Zone regeneration initiative, traces the history of the buildings within the area of the vanished medieval walls and explains their significance both locally and nationally. The first section looks at the role played by the topography of the site, and then come chapters on each period chronologically, before an assessment by Clive Fletcher, Historic England’s principal advisor on historic places, on the revival of the city.
Academically rigorous but accessibly written, and profusely illustrated mainly with images of the buildings today, this book will appeal to decision-makers, property-owners, visitors and anyone wishing to know more about the ‘Queen of the Midlands’.

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