Owain Glyndŵr. Livingston, Michael; Bollard, John K. (9780859898836). Paperback.

Owain Glyndŵr. Livingston, Michael; Bollard, John K. (9780859898836). Paperback.

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This book presents the original text and English translations of the medieval and post-medieval records, documents, poems and chronicles relating to Owain Glyndŵr (1357?-1415, revolutionary and the last native Welshman to hold the title Prince of Wales), his career and his legacy. In addition, textual notes and essays on the historical, social and literary context of these documents will provide up-to-date perspectives and commentary on the man and his times. For the first time, historians, literary scholars, students and the general reader will be able to view a wide range of materials collected in a single volume and will be able to assess for themselves the significance of Glyndŵr in Welsh, English and European history from the late Middle Ages into the Renaissance – and to redress the imbalance of historical accounts past and present. The high profile international contributors include: John K. Bollard, Independent Scholar of Welsh Kelly DeVries, Loyola University, Maryland Helen Fulton, University of York Rhidian Griffiths, Independent Scholar Elissa R. Henken, University of Georgia Michael Livingston, The Citadel Alicia Marchant, University of Western Australia Scott Lucas, The Citadel William Oram, Smith College Gruffydd Aled Williams, Aberystwyth University

The multilingual array of texts and translations, along with detailed notes and authoritative essays by specialists in the history and literature of this period make this volume a superb introduction to a key episode in the history of late medieval Britain.
Dafydd Johnston

This is the definitive collection of texts in translation relating to the great Welshman's uprising. It covers all aspects of his revolt and sets it in its historical context.
John France

This comprehensive collection of the records pertaining to Owain Glyndwr will transform our understanding not only of his rebellion against Henry IV but also of Welsh-English relations in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Livingston and Bollard have brought together Welsh, English, and French sources in five languages, ranging from royal acts to letters to poetry and more. Contextualized by a helpful set of essays, these documents give us Owain as many of us have never seen him before: the sophisticated and hospitable nobleman admired by poets, the canny strategist making use of prophetic traditions both English and Welsh to build political alliances, the figure molded by legend into something quite different from either of these—the sorcerer at once terrifying and laughable of the English, the longed-for redeemer hero of the Welsh.
Catherine McKenna

This casebook will appeal to multiple audiences, including scholars unfamiliar with Owain’s career and undergraduates.

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