Pliny's Statue. Henderson, John (9780859897204). Hardback.

Pliny's Statue. Henderson, John (9780859897204). Hardback.

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John Henderson gives a completely fresh and enthusiastic re-reading of Pliny's Letters, a basic text of the Latin literary canon. Full Latin texts with new translations are given for the key texts studied.

John Henderson is Professor of Classics, University of Cambridge and Fellow and Director of Studies in Classics of King's College, Cambridge. He is co-author (with Mary Beard) of Classics: A very short introduction (Oxford, 1995) and is the author of many books, including Figuring Out Roman Nobility: Juvenal's Eighth Satire (1997) and A Roman Life: Rutilius Gallicus on Paper and In Stone (1998), both published by University of Exeter Press.

John Henderson's Pliny's Statue is a wonderful account of the complex interrelationship between art, text and self-portraiture in the letters of the Younger Pliny. Written with Henderson's characteristic richness of ideas, each page sparkling with original observations, this book denies us any easy pigeon-holing of word and image in Roman imperial culture. Instead we are shown a confidant of emperors obsessed with his own monumentalization - both in his writings and in the art works he handles. . . Whose concerns stand for an elite equally obsessed. For the student of Roman art, this book explicates the purchase, display and inscriptional commentary on statues in Pliny's world with a panache and subtlety that is quite unrivalled.
Jas Elsner

... this is probably a book for teachers and undergraduates, not least to demonstrate that a thoroughly academic book can also be a great read.

(Pliny’s Statue: The Letters, Self-Portraiture and Classical Art JACT Review 33

This acute and challenging monograph…

New England Classical Journal

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