Plutarch: The Life of Cicero. Moles, John L. (9780856683619). Paperback.

Plutarch: The Life of Cicero. Moles, John L. (9780856683619). Paperback.

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Plutarch has always been one of the most popular Classical authors. Diversity and importance of theme, flexibility and richness of style, descriptive and narrative flair, intellectual breadth and penetration, moral seriousness allied to warmth and humanity – these are some of the many sources of his appeal. His <i>Life of Cicero</i> is one of his greatest works. It is a valuable historical document, largely based on contemporary sources, and it preserves important information about events in 63 and 43 BC; it also gives a perceptive analysis of Cicero’s character and psychology and achieves tragic depth and grandeur. This edition is addressed to a wide audience, from first-time readers to specialists. A full introduction explores the many different facets of Plutarch’s art. The translation maintains the word patterns of the original, thus bringing the reader without Greek closer than ever before to the essential qualities of Classical literature. The commentary combines historical documentation with literary and philosophical discussion. Greek text with facing-page English translation, introduction and commentary.

†Professor John Moles was Chair of Latin at Newcastle University, and was previously awarded a Personal Chair in the Department of Classics at the University of Durham. He was founder and editor of the pioneering open access online journal Histos.

Acclaimed edition of Plutarch’s Life of Cicero. Greek text, with facing-page translation, introduction and commentary.

“Useful and comprehensive introduction... a piece of work both scholarly and useful.”
Classical Review

“It is unusually good at providing material at all levels: an excellent introduction to Plutarch for beginners, it is also much more quoted than most other volumes in the series because of its contributions to scholarship (his discussion of the concept of ‘truth’ is especially noteworthy).”

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